2017 Activity Weekends

The KSA are pleased to announce that the next Activity Weekend will be  15 to 17 September 2017

For further details  email  activityweekends@ksa-uk.net


The early bird cost for KSA members will be:

KS/XXY adults and all children – £85

All other members – £140

Special price for families attending for the first time:

£150 for KS child under 13 plus one parent.
£85 for each sibling (under 19)
£140 for all other non-KS adult members


After 17th August, add £15pp

These rates are highly subsidised by the KSA

£400 for non-members


General information about Activity Weekends

An Adult View of an Activity Weekend


  • Jane Lee says:

    Oh good. Sam will look forward to that.

  • Raj Baksi says:

    Just for fun we are going to try a ‘bring a local speciality’ food sharing experience. If you are attending, we’d love to taste a local speciality from your part of the world. Non-perishable and not expensive would be the best idea. Food or drink.

    I have a brewery in my home town …

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