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My KS Story My KS Story

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Iain W McKinlay 2010

The KS Story
You are not alone


The KS Story is the culmination of twelve years ongoing study and an emotional journey through the workings of the congenital chromosome condition Klinefelter’s Syndrome (KS).

The book was created primarily as a conduit to respected support groups, medical specialists and research units, with a chapter devoted to further study, including a comprehensive support address and online section and a selection of books, research papers, medical journals and scientific magazines.

The book also offers a glimpse into the various aspects of Klinefelter’s Syndrome; showing how it affects individuals and those who love, care and treat them.

The KS Story has been compiled by a person with Klinefelter’s Syndrome (karyotype: 47,XXY), from reputable medical, research and support group sources, and with the help and support of several UK and international scientists in the fields of biology, cytogenetics, endocrinology, neuroscience and sexology.

To balance the overwhelming amount of data there is a degree of comic relief in the writing, with a sprinkling of cartoons.

All that is asked, is that you please put aside any preconceived ideas or stereotypes and view the guide with a respectful and open mind.

What could I be?

Full size imageWhat can I be?

KSA Activity Weekend 2014

You are too late for the April 2014 Activity Weekend which was a huge success so book soon for the next one!

Next 2014 Activity Weekend - 19th to 21st September.

Special 'Earlybird' price IF BOOKED BEFORE 8th August:

Cost: £80 for those with KS or under 19, £135 for other Members, £310 for Non-Members.

If booked later the the costs rise to £90, £145 and £350 respectively.

Please book early as the weekends fill up fast!!

 There is more information about Activity Weekends under the Read more.... link below.
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2015 Annual Conference & AGM

When: June 2015
Venue: Derby
Cost:   £ t b a


The 2014 Conference in Brighton was a huge success with delegates travelling from Ireland, Wales, Scotland and across England.

Nearly 50 attended the Friday Night Get-together!





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