Draft programme KSA Conference 2017

Draft Programme KSA Conference 2017

9.00             Registration opens

Tea and coffee


9.40            AGM:

Welcome from the Chair         Alison Bridges

Report from the Treasurer      Mike Green

Report from the Membership Secretary         Roz Heinz

Election of Officers


10.00           Conference welcome.

10.05               Raj Baksi- Getting the most from Facebook

10.20               Questions & Answers


10.30              Sherwin Criseno (endocrine nurse)

10.55               Questions & Answers


11.05               Tea & Coffee


11.20               Chloe Kennedy (benefits)

11.45               Questions & Answers


11.55               Sam Lee-McCloud – Managing the challenges at school age

12.20               Questions & Answers


12.35           Lunch


2.00                      Afternoon welcome:                                          

2.10     Workshop:       Endocrine nurse for KS adults only

Workshop:       For partners

Workshop:      S. Lee-McCloud

Workshop:      Benefits


2.55     Workshop:      Endocrine nurse

Workshop:      For partners

Workshop:      S. Lee-McCloud

Workshop       Benefits


3.40     Workshop:      Endocrine nurse

Workshop:      KS adult for parents

Workshop:      Answering partners’ questions

Workshop:      Benefits



4.25                 Tea & Coffee & Raffle

4.45                 Round-up session

5.00             Conference ends.

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