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1   Link   Brain Gym
Brain Gym is a series of quick, fun and effective exercises designed to enhance performance by assisting whole brain integration. Developed over 25 years ago by Paul Dennison, it was originally designed to help children and adults with reading difficulties; it is now a commonly used technique in education and commerce.

Teachers who work with pupils with Special Educational Needs may well have come across the technique before, but recently a wider range of users has discovered its potential.

Find out more by visiting the official Brain-Gym website or asking your school's SENCo. There are several books on the topic available via your local bookstore or online
2   Link   PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System
PECS - particularly suitable for younger children, PECS has been ably championed at the KSA by Sasha for a number of years, her workshop proving extremely popular with many parents.

Where speech and language difficulties arise, PECS can, among its many benefits, bring effective communication forward and relieve the frustration felt by many affected children and parents.

Further information is available on the PECS web-site and in a helpful book A Picture's Worth: PECS and Other Visual Communication Strategies in Autism (Topics in Autism) by Andrew Bondy & Lori Frost (also available from Amazon).
3   Link   The Hanen Program
One of our members in Wales introduced us to the Hanen System for children with language difficulties, pointing out that it made her realise how many more things she could do to help her son. The program runs in two forms (a) for teachers and (b) for parents. We printed (with permission) detailed information in our August 2002 Newsletter. Further information can be found in:

Benjamin, J., (1999) Nursery World (Jan 21)
Weitzman, E., Learning Language & Loving it, Publ. Hanen Centre
Manolson, A., It takes two to talk, Publ. Hanen Centre

Or contact:
Winslow Publishers, Telford Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX6 0TS
Tel.: 01869 244644 or email
4   Link   Asperger's Syndrome & KS
Many of the education needs of boys with KS are similar to those of boys with Asperger's Syndrome. Ironically, most parents struggle to get a statement for their KS boys, whose diagnosis is a simple blood-test, because education authorities quote the few boys who get through the system without help, yet ignore the thousands who fall by the wayside with needs they can see every day in boys with more "acceptable" syndromes. Remember, that just because your son has a KS diagnosis it doesn't mean he doesn't have something else too! In the KSA we have many, many parents whose sons have been refused a statement several times, then later on found out that he also has something that, if named earlier, would have got him the support almost as a matter of course. Asperger's Syndrome is just such a condition that lies beneath the raft of symptoms shown by KS boys - many of the education needs are similar, most of the boys, it seems are investigated for the condition prior to diagnosis.
Welcome to the website of the Asperger's Syndrome Foundation. We are a small registered charity based in central London, England. We do hope that you will find our site helpful and informative. We will update it regularly.

The Asperger's Syndrome Foundation is committed to promoting awareness and understanding of Asperger's Syndrome. The Foundation aims to promote high quality support and services, and to enable people with Asperger's syndrome to develop into members of the community who are respected for their contribution and recognised for their unique differences.
5   Link   Anti Natal Testing
Antenatal tests
After the initial excitement of discovering you are pregnant, the next thought for most parents is, 'Will our baby be all right?' There are now many antenatal tests that can be carried out during pregnancy which will offer reassurance if you are anxious. You don't have to have these tests, but it's important to know what's on offer before you decided whether or not to go ahead with testing.

What could I be?

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KSA Activity Weekend 2014

You are too late for the  2014 Activity Weekend which were a huge success so book soon for the next one!

Next Activity Weekend - 10th to 12th April 2015.

Special 'Earlybird' price IF BOOKED BEFORE 8th August:

Cost: £80 for those with KS or under 19, £135 for other Members, £310 for Non-Members.

If booked later the the costs rise to £90, £145 and £350 respectively.

Please book early as the weekends fill up fast!!

 There is more information about Activity Weekends under the Read more.... link below.
 Contact me as soon as possible if you want further information or wish to book a place by phone on 01629 534402 or


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2015 Annual Conference & AGM

When: 6th-7th June 2015
Venue: Derby
Cost:   £ t b a


To celebrate our 25th anniversary, the KSA are delighted to announce that Conference 2015 will be bigger and better than ever before!

For the first time the Conference will run for 2 days!!  Following the success of the psychology workshops this year, Saturday will be a dedicated Psychology Day. On Sunday we will hold the AGM and Conference giving everyone more time to talk, listen and learn.  Of course we will still hold the Friday Get-together and, in addition, we can have a super Saturday evening as well.

Watch this space for further details but mark your diary NOW!





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