Survey looking at your attitude to participation in sport

Intersex UK (iUK) have worked with Pride Sports UK as requested by Sport England to look at whether the lives of people with DSDs, Intersex variations, Klinefelters Syndrome, AIS, Swyers, CAH and other variations have been negatively or positively affected when engaging in sport or physical activity throughout varying aspects of their life.

We ask you to complete this anonymous survey if you have Klinefelter’s Syndrome or if you are a carer of someone with KS/XXY.

Our pre survey random focus group responses clearly showed having a DSD or being intersex / VSC bodied had caused challenges regarding engaging in varying aspects of sport and physical activity as well as having some healthcare impact. This may included some gender issues for some plus emotional and mental health impacts.
The survey is totally anonymous and desperately needs your voice. Please take ten minutes. Thank you. We hope it will eventually help to ensure fairer treatment, greater understanding, increased accessibility; and less fear or stigma. Your responses are vital to support care and change and for increased understanding and accessibility in the future.

Holly Greenberry and Beatrice Thirkettle

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