KSA Conference 2019 in Luton on the 18th May!

KSA Conference is at the Chiltern Hotel, Luton on the 18th May 2019 – NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!

Of course there will be plenty of time for you to ask the speakers questions, to speak to other delegates, listen and ask any questions which are still bothering you. Many members say the the KSA has become a sort of family to them – and these events are places where they can relax and really be themselves. Just being with people who understand the difficulties you may have had, is so liberating.

Our workshops give you even more opportunities to listen, question, suggest. It is up to you how much you contribute – it is ok just to listen!
Look who is speaking and running workshops at the KSA Conference in Luton on the 18th May 2019.

Speaker profiles

The draft programme for this informative and enjoyable event. The timings may change on the day to allow delegates to get the most out of the day!

Draft programme3

Please get your booking form in NOW to avoid missing this fantastic event!

KSA Conf Booking Form 2019v9

If you have any questions, please contact vicechair@ksa-uk.net

The Friday Night Get-together is a great way of starting the weekend and get to know folk. There will be a buffet available if you want. It is just nibbles, a drink or two and some chat. We are a very friendly bunch!
We meet at the hotel any time from 7.30 so you are welcome look in whenever you want. The buffet will be around 8.15 and must be pre-booked and paid.
As many delegates choose to stay over on Saturday Night, a meal will be available if you wish. This does not have to be booked in advance but it would help if you tell us if you think you might come.

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