Foot sore and puffed!

After losing 5 stone 8.5lb between January 2014 to December Lizzie beforeedit2014, I decided I would take up running. When I could eventually  run without feeling as if I was dying after 200 yards, it suddenly hit me – the freedom I feel when running could be put to some use. I decided to run the ‘Leeds Run for All 10k’ on July 12th this year and I took the opportunity to raise funds for the KSA.

I’ve raised just over £100   but wish it had been  more. However I completed the 10k run in 59 minutes and 58 seconds. My PB. It was a lovely warm day – a little too warm. 1km from the finish  a water tanker was spraying water out – wow! That helped me get through that last 1km!

By the time you read this I will have completed the York 10k on theLizzie afteredit 2nd of August.

Let’s see how many I can complete this year.
I have entered the ballot for the London marathon in April. I hope I’m selected as I will be raising money again for the KSA.
The yellow Pic is the before.
The black pic the after.

Thank you very much, Lizzie for raising funds for  the KSA – and for flying the flag to raise awareness. You have had an amazing year and we are all very proud of you. I hope you remember us next time!

Unfortunately Lizzie wasn’t successful in the London Marathon ballot but there are plenty more races out there!

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