This is generally in the form of testosterone administered by gel or injection. There is no ideal method of testosterone delivery – it is often down to individual choice. The best method for any patient will depend on their own personal circumstances.


Gel products

Many like the gel preparations because they give a very even delivery of testosterone. They are short-acting and can be discontinued immediately if the patient is uncomfortable with the effects.
There are several products on the market. If you don’t like one, ask to try an alternative one.

daily dosage gives an even delivery without highs and lows.
easy to discontinue if patient unhappy with effect

have to be applied every day
should be applied after a shower
take a few minutes to dry (time varies between products)
accidental transference to others must be avoided

Long acting injection

Nebido is commonly prescribed and must be administered by a nurse or doctor.


needs to be administered only 3 to 5 times per year
no special precautions required

injection can be painful
some patients dislike the initial high level of testosterone
some patients find that they run out of steam before the next injection is due
some patients forget to book their appointment

Administering Nebido

Nebido is an oil-based preparation. It is very important that anyone administering it should read the instructions and precautions carefully in advance.


Nebido must not be cold when it is injected.

A small needle is used to ectract the liquid from the ampule but a large needle must be used to inject it

The injection should be given in the buttock

Ihe injection should not take less than 2 minutes

Sometimes no medication will be required if natural testosterone levels are sufficiently high.

Some adults may not wish to have hormone treatment. Occasionally the use of oestrogen may be preferred.

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