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Attribution Matters: The Impact of Klinefelter's Syndrome on Psycho-social Functioning

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Much of the research on KS has been directed at understanding the cognitive impact even though biomedical researchers and condition specialists continually acknowledge the psychological impact this condition has and the need to address these issues.

Is the prevalence of Klinefelter’s Syndrome increasing?

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This version of the paper by Joan K Morris, Eva Alberman, Claire Scott, Patricia Jacobs was abridged by Povl Larsen. The original  was the basis for Dr Jacobs' presentation at the KSA Conference 2007.

Treatment Satisfaction Survey Executive Summary

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Klinefelter’s Syndrome Treatment Satisfaction Survey

Executive Summary for the Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association
(Full report available to Members of the KSA)

Authors: Georgina Ruddle, Sue Jackson & Marianne Morris
University of the West of England

Klinefelters Syndrome - An Overview

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The collection of symptoms known as Klinefelter syndrome was first put together in 1942 by a young doctor in Philadelphia called Harry Klinefelter. He described 9 men who had breast development, small testicles with no sperm in their semen, and a blood test revealed raised levels of the factors (gonadotrophins) which try to stimulate the testicles to produce more of the male hormone (testosterone) and greater numbers of sperm.

KSA Survey of Members - A Brief Summary

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In 1999 the KSA carried out a survey of its members to gain a better understanding of their experiences, i.e. 'how I got to where I am today'. The aim was to give some pointers for further research.

This summary is simply the first stage in what could prove to be a long and challenging series of investigations. We have a long way to go but, with your help, we could make a real difference.