KSA Conference 2019

Where: The Chiltern Hotel, Luton
When: 18th May 2019

Who: Professor Gary Butler

Leading paediatric endocrinologist in England

Professor Tet Yapp and his team
from the new KS multi-disciplinary clinic at St. Guys in London. They will be explaining how the clinic works and what it can offer.

Friday Night Get-together is at the same venue on 17th May
As always there will be plenty of opportunities to ask the experts questions – or to just listen – in the afternoon workshops.
If you are coming some distance why don’t you arrive early and join us for our informal get-together on Friday night? There will be a buffet (payable on the night) so why not relax and enjoy the chat?
Many delegates also stay until Sunday to make the most of this opportunity to chat and relax with others who understand what it is like to live with KS/XXY.
KSA Conference 2019 in Luton on the 18th May!

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