KSA Stories

KSA Autumn 2012 Newsletter

Much of the early literature about KS mentions the high proportion of KS males in the prison population and/or of low IQ. These old medical books often paint a rather bleak picture. However it is now accepted that this is grossly incorrect. Yes, many with the condition do have some learning difficulties but, with appropriate support, many of  these can be overcome.

To emphasise the achievements of some diagnosed XXY/KS the KSA has created the Poster What could I be?‘  The Poster has received an excellent response from GPs, nurses and Consultants at various medical exhibitions and conferences where the KSA has had a stand to help raise awareness of the skills and achievements of a cross-section of our members. Liam’s Olympic Story  and P’s story can be viewed by anyone but the others may be accessed by KSA members only.

These are the stories of some KS/XXY adults and families. They have chosen to share them with you so that you can see the challenges many of them have faced and the heights some have scaled. The stories will also give you an idea of how alike and yet how different they are.

Some prefer to remain anonymous while others tell anyone who will listen about this interesting condition called Klinefelter’s Syndrome or XXY. We are very grateful to them all for sharing their stories.

If YOU would like to add your story we’d be pleased to feature it here, contact chair@ksa-uk.net.