Membership Information



This membership is for those with a professional interest in KS/XXY – e.g. medical specialists, teachers, speech therapists etc.

Once approved (which may take a few days), it will provide full access to the KSA website. You will receive by email advance notice of the KSA Conference and other events plus news relating to KS/XXY or the KSA.

If you would like to offer your services in any way – perhaps as a speaker or an adviser, we would be very grateful.

As Professional membership does not expire, please remember to keep your email details up to date.

Full membership is for those who affected by KS/XXY either by having the condition themselves or by having a family member who is affected.

It provides full access to the website immediately plus regular e-newsletters and emails containing reliable information about the KSA and KS/XXY.

See below for full benefits.

Full membership has a variety of fee options including some with ‘pay-and-forget’ automatic renewal options.

Full website access Full website access
Member’s Helpline Member’s Helpline
Member’s Handbook Member’s Handbook
Access to research papers Access to research papers
Quarterly Newsletters Quarterly Newsletters
Advance notice of annual Conference Advance notice of annual Conference
Subsidised activity Weekends Subsidised activity Weekends
Social Events Social Events
AGM Voting Rights AGM Voting Rights
Free additional accounts Free additional accounts
Choose the membership you require:
(1 Year) (2 Years) (3 Years)
UK Member £22.50 £40.00 £52.50
Non-UK Member* £12.00 £22.00 £28.00
Concessionary Member** £12.00
* Non-UK Member: Proof of address required.
** Concessionary Member: Proof of state benefits required.

Payments available with


What a membership includes

  • Access to the Members Only Section of the website with its wealth of reliable information on KS/XXY. This includes free downloads such as the sixteen chapter Member’s Manual written by eminent authors and medical professionals on a range of KS topics.
  • Subsidised rates for the Activity Weekend held annually at Beeley, in Derbyshire. To find out more check out Activity Weekend
  • The right to vote, have your say and influence KSA policy at the AGM.
  • Advance notice of the KSA’s Annual Conference with interesting topics on KS/XXY in adults and children.
  • A quarterly e-Newsletter which is also available as a free download from the Members Only section of the website.
  • Regular emails with information about KS/XXY or the KSA
  • The chance to meet others affected by KS/XXY.
  • The opportunity to join secret Facebook groups where you can communicate with others affected by KS/XXY.
  • Access to social meetings.
  • Possible help and advice in identifying endocrinology consultants.
  • Local rate Advice Line: 0300 111 4748.
  • Information about opportunities to be involved in research with direct interest to KS/XXY.
  • Help with fundraising activities such as promotional t-shirts, stickers, posters, etc.
  • And the larger the KSA gets the louder we’ll be able to shout and be heard and improve the lot of those affected by KS!