Spring into Spring with a fun social event!

Go crazy in Cheltenham –  a meet-up for KS/XXY adults, parents and families.
The Crazy Golf and Bowl Centre, Cheltenham Saturday 25th January 2020
So many of our members say that meeting other KS/XXYs made such a difference to them so here is a great opportunity to have a fun day out in great company. Jump in the car or take the train and banish the January blues! Let’s try to establish a new local group in this area.

Many KS/XXY adults and families feel isolated and neglected. They often find it difficult to get help or good information. They think no-one else feels like they do or has the problems they have. Just meeting with others who do know how they feel can make a huge difference. Being able to relax and know you are not being judged is very liberating. That is what these events are all about – to try to tackle the isolation and the feelings of being different. So why not come along and have a laugh and a chat about anything under the sun with people who understand. Even if you don’t need support, why not come along and share some time with someone who does?
For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Alison  on vicechair@ksa-uk.net as soon as possible to get an idea of numbers.


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