The Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association (KSA) was formed on 21st December 1990  by parents, Sue and David Cook, and a KS/XXY adult, Steve Hammett.

It was incorporated as a charity in 1996. Sue and David remained as very active trustees until 2018. All are still  members.

The KSA is run by trustees who make up a National Executive Committee (NEC). They are helped by non-trustee volunteers. It has no paid workers.

The KSA is funded mainly through membership fees and donations.

The aims of the KSA are:

  • to offer support and information to all affected by KS/XXY
  • to raise awareness of KS and XXY especially amongst the medical profession
  • to promote research into the management of KS/XXY

The KSA vision is of universal recognition, support and understanding of KS/XXY.

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