Meet the people behind the KSA

The KSA is the only UK based charity for all affected by KS/XXY.

It is run by a small group of trustees and volunteers all of whom give their time freely.

Volunteers who are the trustees who make up the National Executive Committee (NEC)

Jim Harkin

Jim Harkin

Membership secretary
A member of Jim's wider family was diagnosed with KS/XXY.
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Roz Heinze trustee of KSA

Roz Heinze

Helpline and support officer
Roz's son was diagnosed prenatally in 1989
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Ken Scott

Ken Scott

Helpline and support officer
Ken was diagnosed in 1997
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AJ Howard trustee of KSA

Jim (AJ) Howard

Media support
AJ was diagnosed in 2017
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Non trustee volunteers

Kate Jowett

Kate Jowett

Conference support
Pal Dutton ex chair of KSA

Paul Dutton

Liaison officer
Paul was diagnosed as 47 XXY in 1996
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Julie Rand

Newsletter editor
Nicola Lal

Nicola Lal

Web Administrator
Nicola's son was diagnosed aged 12 (2020) after he grew very tall very quickly!
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Conference secretary
Liz's son was diagnosed pre-natally.
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