What we do

Through our website and helpline, we provide information and support for all affected by KS/XXY including families, medical professionals, teachers and anyone else who comes into contact with people diagnosed with KS/XXY.

Early diagnosis and a good understanding of the effects of KS/XXY can make a real difference. Therefore, the KSA works to raise the profile of the condition, particularly within the medical profession. It is important that people understand the possible implications of KS/XXY, not only for the individual affected, but also for all those with whom they have contact during their lives.

The KSA works to raise awareness and provide support by:

  • hosting an annual Conference in June and a mini-conference in September
  • organising an Activity Weekend at least annually
  • promoting informal social events throughout the year
  • distributing a  Members’ e-Newsletter  at least 3 times each year.
  • providing a Helpline (0300 111 4748)
  • producing literature
  • exhibiting at medical conferences
  • promoting research
  • providing links to several secret Facebook groups
  •  planning a chat forum in the near future – so watch this space!