Members only

The KSA exists to offer support to everyone affected by KS/XXY.

 However, as a special ‘thank you’ to you,  one of our valued members,  we offer  some extra benefits –  because you support us. These are the extras you can enjoy as member of the KSA. 

This is one of our most useful resources. It is an excellent publication with the official title, ‘An eXtra guide to K.S. – members’ information pack’.

It is an invaluable  for anyone with an interest in KS/XXY – full of useful information and advice. Each chapter is available as a free download only for members of the KSA.

You will receive a quarterly Newsletter packed full of interesting and useful information and news. You can also access previous Newsletters whenever you wish.

The KSA subsidises these highly acclaimed events for members. 

This is an extraordinary and wide ranging collection of life stories as written by members past and present. Very personal stories which will resonate with many of you.

Whenever we receive information relating to KS/XXY or the KSA which is too important or interesting to wait for a newsletter, we will speedily email you details via Mail Chimp.

Some interesting and useful links especially for members of the KSA

Although many of our events are open to all, we often allow our members to book early to avoid disappointment!

All paying members have a vote at the AGM. This does not include additional members or professional members.

Paying members can add up to two extra free accounts to allow other family members to access the members' benefits.

Only KSA members can become trustees, influencing the  focus and activity of the KSA.

Thank you for joining us!