KSA members' stories

These stories will also give you an idea of how alike, and yet how different, our KS/XXY folk are. Some prefer to remain anonymous while others tell anyone who will listen about this interesting condition called Klinefelter’s Syndrome or XXY.

We are very grateful to them all for sharing their stories. If YOU would like to add your story we’d love to feature it here. Contact vicechair@ksa-uk.net

  • Tom’s story
  • H’s story
  • Povl’s story
  • Ed’s story
  • N’s story
  • S’s story
  • Michelle’s story
  • Brothers with KS – our story – by Eleanor
  • A fertility journey
  • Chris’s story
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'The Syndrome', Liam’s Olympic Story, and P’s Story can be viewed by anyone but the others may be accessed by KSA members only.