A KS/XXY adult's view of an Activity Weekend

Thank you for arranging the DB weekend.

I found the activity weekend so enjoyable. The whole set-up seems to be made to put people with KS at ease. From who sleeps where, to the dietary requirements, to the support from those around you.

Literally from the moment I walked through the doors, into the communal hallway, I felt at ease. A lot of this is down to the correspondence with yourself and others prior to the weekend.

You walk in, introduce yourself, talk or listen. Everyone was so helpful and attune to KS. There was no macho-ism or “hey look at me attitude”.

If you do have anyone perhaps in the South East, or  Asians / Muslims who have reservations about KSA or the weekend etc., I don’t mind if they contact me. The reason I do say Asians / Muslims is after thinking about it, I wonder if perhaps people don’t acknowledge KS or are put off by the communal aspect of the weekend. For me it was not an issue. Dietary requirements are provided by vegetarian food (by a fantastic chef) not to mention the excellent cakes. Even down to doing my prayers as one can easily find a quiet spot in Dukes Barn.

Chair: Thank you for that lovely testimonial, and your offer of help, Z. You haven’t even mentioned that you achieved your ambition to abseil for the first time!

If you would like to contact Z, please email vicechair@ksa-uk.net and your email will be forwarded.

Sensory garden at Duke's Barn

I have had social anxieties in the past but I didn’t have any at all at the weekend. Perhaps that’s down to age, but I’d say its more to do with the atmosphere and being in the same boat as others, so to speak.

The whole set-up makes it easy to talk and listen to others. It’s a very fluid environment. I do regret perhaps not listening enough and talking too much – however that’s something to learn from and perhaps do differently next time.

The outdoor activities were fun. Ever since being on Nebido, I’ve been keen to try new things I would usually not. Unfortunately rock climbing on the first attempt wasn’t great, but felt better on the 2nd climb!


Muslim man at prayer