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Thank you Paul for raising over £1,000 for the KSA

Big congratulations and huge thanks from all at the KSA charity to one of our members Paul who has successfully raised over £1000 sponsorship (and exceeded his target) in his sponsored walk from his home to Basingstoke, an impressive total of 44 miles in just two days!

If you’d like to donate, please click here.

Read what Paul had to say before his walk….

My name is Paul Allnutt. I have been a member of the KSA for many years. My eldest son Peter, who is now 8, was diagnosed with KS when 5 days old after his testicles hadn’t descended. As they
descended naturally before he was 2, he never needed the operation. Luckily Peter’s KS hardly affects him. He struggles a bit socially but he is well liked by his peers. He is extremely bright and
loves school. He only hates PE, which is common in KS boys. He has been discharged from hospital visits until he reaches puberty, as he is above average on all developmental milestones.

The idea of a sponsored walk for the KSA came to me because, as I gave up my car last June, I needed to find a way to get to the KSA Conference! Watching a program about the Pilgrims Way on
TV inspired me to walk to the conference this year as it is close to my home in Crawley, West Sussex.

I will be setting off on Thursday 7th June for my 2 day, 50 plus mile walk. I have 2 routes in mind for day 1; if the weather has been dry beforehand, I will follow the Sussex border path from Gatwick airport to the village of Rudgwick where I will join the Downs Link. This follows the track bed of the old Shoreham to Guildford railway which links the north and south downs. However, if there has been a lot of rain, I will join the Downs Link further south at Southwater village as the part before Rudgwick can be very boggy.

Either way, the distance will be 25 miles. I will be staying overnight at the Premier Inn in Guildford as I love their beds and will need a good night’s sleep!

Day 2 I will be following the North Downs’ Way and the Pilgrims Way to Farnham. I have still to figure out a route from Farnham to Basingstoke. I will be exploring the area with my parents in the next few weeks.

If anyone fancies joining me for part or all the walk, please get in touch. I am finding walking by myself very boring and I would love the company! I intend to arrive in Basingstoke late Friday
afternoon and I would love it if some members could walk the last mile or so with me. I will need the support as I will be on my knees by then!

My training is going very well so far. I am currently doing 8 to 10 miles walks on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. A couple of friends should join my training from mid-March, because they want to get fit so I will be grateful for their company. To clock up more miles, I am also walking to work and school more now rather than get the bus.


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