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When first diagnosed, many adults say that their diagnosis helped them to make sense of their lives. They always felt that they didn’t quite fit in.

Many KX/XXY people are very caring and have diverse thinking skills – especially good at spatial and visual tasks.

Difficulty at school/work

Many KS/XXYs find learning difficult although they may be intelligent. Everything seems more difficult for them than other youngsters. Often this is because of executive function problems

Social difficulties

Many KS/XXY adults struggle with conversations involving several people. One man said that by the time he had understood the comment and formed a reply, the conversation had moved on. Often there is a lack of interest in the things other guys are preoccupied with - sex and sport so having a conversation can be difficult.

Lack of interest in sex

Because testosterone levels are low, libido can be affected.

Body shape

KS/XXY adults often have a feminised body shape with wide hips and narrow shoulders. Sometimes there is breast development. Genitals are often on the small side.

Adults are usually taller than would be expected.


Some KS/XXY people  say they do not feel very male. Some feel they are gender fluid.