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Tips 4 teens

Here are some ideas which might make life easier for you especially in school.

Print them out and give them to any of the  people who help you in or out of school.

  1. Write instructions down in short steps
  2. Help me to break down my work into smaller chunks
  3. Use colour coding/highlighters because colours are easier than words
  4. Please let me use my phone to set a reminders and make notes
  5. Ask me to repeat back instructions to make sure I understand
  6. If possible, let me sit somewhere quiet because noise and flashy posters on walls distract me
  7. Make sure my clothes and labels aren’t ‘itchy’
  8. Allow me plenty of thinking time when you ask me a question
  9. Don’t shout at me. It really freaks me out!
  10. Don’t ask me questions or tell me to do things when I’m upset – just let me go to my room, or a safe place, to calm down first.