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Many young people may experience some gender confusion particularly around the time of puberty.

Often it is just a phase of growing  up but sometimes it isn’t. It may be a little more common in those born as XXY because their chromosomes are neither typically male nor typically female.

Most KS/XXY people  identify as male but some are gender fluid – sometimes feeling male and other times feeling female.

Some may decide to live as females but may not consider themselves as trans.

Jenniscombe Woods 2018
Bearded, long haired adult

If you are ready to start testosterone treatment, it is important that you realise that it will make you feel more male.  Many KS/XXY s are happy about this but some do not like the change to their personality.

It is usual to start off with a gel when you begin testosterone treatment. The effects are short-lived so that you can easily stop if you are not happy.

If you feel good  when you use it, you might decide to have long-acting injections instead. It is important that you do what you want, not what others want for you. If you aren’t sure, say that you want to wait a bit.

It’s what you want that matters.