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Many KS/XXY youngsters find school difficult.

This can be really upsetting because even when you are working really hard you might not do as well as you know you should.

Often this is because  language skills are not as good as they should be. 

Language and communication

For some reason which we don't fully understand, the extra X chromosome affects the area of the brain which controls language development. You might find it difficult to follow what you are being told. It will be easier if things are written down.


You might find it difficult to concentrate especially if there is a lot of noise or other distractions.


You might find it difficult to organise your work or know which books you need for different classes. Asking someone to help you to break work down into small chunks might help.

The KSA have produced a couple of great document for teachers to help them to understand  some of the learning problems which can be associated with KS/XXY. The second one is available only to members but teachers can ask for free membership.  Tell an adult or teacher about them. Available to everyone. For members only Check out our Tips 4 Teens.
Child writing at desk