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How some KS/XXYs think

KS/XXY guys sometimes think differently to others. This can make life difficult at times - but it can also be an advantage.

Visual thinking

You may be better at visual work than writing and remembering. You might find you  understand and remember things more easily if they are written down or are presented as drawings.

Using colour

Colour coding can sometimes help. For example, if you tend to get muddled up about which lesson is next on your timetable, try colouring all your maths lessons in one colour and your English ones in another. Use different colour text or highlighters to pick out important items.


If you find it difficult to remember things, your phone can be really useful for setting reminders and for writing short notes. You can also use something like Colournote. Of course, you would need to ask  your teacher for permission to use your phone in class.

Your brain may be wired a little differently to some others.

This can be great because you might see a different ways to a solution or better ways of doing something. But in other ways, it isn’t so good.

That extra chromosome might make it more difficult for you to concentrate and organise your thoughts.

Teachers, (other adults and even friends) might say that you aren’t really trying, but we know you are working really hard.

You know what you want to say – it is all in your head, but you can’t get it out in time or in the order you want it.