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Making friends can be tricky for everyone

… especially when you are all growing up and changing at different rates.

Some of your classmates might already be really interested in relationships while others may be more interested in sports or gaming. Look around for people whom you have more in common with.

Childline has some really good tips about making friends – especially the tips about body language and anxiety. If you find it difficult to relax and look at people, why not practise a bit in your bedroom in front of the mirror?

KS/XXY guys can be quite shy – but so can other people. It is all about confidence. If you believe in yourself, other people will too!

It can be really hard if you feel that you aren’t ‘one of the gang’. Sometimes it can be tempting to do things like taking drugs just to show how “cool” you are or buying cigarettes and alcohol for them. Real friends wouldn’t ask you to put yourself in these situations and false friends will just run off and leave you to get caught.

This is peer pressure – when you feel pressured to do things just because it seems everyone else is doing it. The childline website has lots of ideas about how to deal with this.

There is lots of great information and support about all sorts of things on childline. You can also chat to other young people who will have similar problems to you.