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Support for teens

This is what one of our KS/XXY adults remembers about when he was young:


Dewi – * I was life of party – making jokes when I was around people and just trying to fit in. However, when I was alone I would just watch TV with no confidence or willingness to get active. It would take me long time to make friends because I was scared to be bullied/judged due my body shape.   


This is what another one would say to his younger self:

“When you feel all is lost, disconnected from everyone, and you’re stuck doing a menial task as a job, just remember the only way is up from this.”

It’ll take a long time and a lot of hard work but you will settle down with a partner, buy a house, a car, and have full-time salaried job.  

You will enjoy your life and feel part of society but it’ll always be a constant struggle to do your job because of the fatigue.  There’s no alternative, you can’t be unemployed for the rest of your life, reliant on mum and dad for help, you’ve just got to keep going, and maintain your independence.